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Steve Sande, Karen Anderson, Chuck Joiner, Tim Verpoorten

MacJury #1217: More Holiday Gift Ideas from The MacJury

It was so much fun the first time, we decided to do it again. A second MacJury panel takes on the question of holiday gifts and delivers yet another eclectic and intriguing set of picks that include both tech and non-tech options. It isn’t too late to get some great gift picks from the panel […]

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MacJury #1216: Holiday Gift Ideas from The MacJury

With the holiday season in full swing, The MacJury takes a break from the serious topics to deliver a truly eclectic set of suggestions for those on your gift list. Whether a serious geek or with no tech interest at all, your gift-giving problems are solved by the panel of Melissa Davis, Weldon Dodd, Jeff Gamet, Jean MacDonald and host Chuck […]

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Michael E. Cohen, Adam C. Engst, Tonya Engst, Joe Kissell, Matt Neuburg, Chuck Joiner.

MacJury #1204: The TidBITS Staff Discusses Apple’s iPad and Apple TV Announcements

The details of Apple’s newest iPad and Apple TV are now official, so we empaneled a MacJury from the TidBITS staff to help us review the announcements and what they mean. The furor over the lack of a name, the impact of the retina display, how people will use the improved camera are all part […]

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Jeff Carlson, Tonya Engst, Pat Fauquet, Chuck Joiner

MacJury #1112: A Weekend with the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S didn’t seem to wow the crowd at its announcement, but the sales numbers clearly indicated there was lots to be excited about. The MacJury spent the weekend using their new iPhone 4Ss, and share stories of the shenanigans involved in acquiring the phone, SIM card swapping and surgery, and experiencing puppy love […]

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Weldon Dodd, John Martellaro, Ken Ray, Chuck Joiner

MacJury #1108: An Apple Television: To Be or Not To Be?

There has been lots of talk about an Apple television, but should they build it? What would make it different? Why would you want one? The MacJury contemplates these questions and more in a compelling discussion of a relocated digital hub, a Kickstarter for video programs, getting what you want where you want it when […]

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MacJury #1104: The MacJury Judges The WWDC 2011 Keynote Announcements

The WWDC 2011 announcements were many, varied, and all important. The MacJury convened to analyze the information and provide insight into everything Steve Jobs and company unveiled. Some of the topics discussed include the focus on touch, iMessage’s kill feature, Lion Server, the presence of Twitter and absence of Facebook, Game Center, the Reader feature […]

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MacJury #1103: The iPad at One: An Examination of The First Year of the iPad

To celebrate the iPad’s first anniversary, The MacJury convened to discuss the impact of Apple’s tablet. The bonus-length deliberations were wide and varied, and included such topics as the iPad lifestyle, disappearing technology, the iPad as a personal, media, enterprise and productivity device and more. Kill app picks were shared, uses to which the iPad […]

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Peter Cohen, Tonya Engst, Katie Floyd, Ted Landau, Maria Langer, Tim Robertson, Dan Wood, Chuck Joiner

MacJury #1026: Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

The party continues in the MacJury room as a jumbo-sized panel join in with a second round of deliberations on what they will give and what they hope they will get this holiday season. Delivering their picks for hardware, software, services and yes, more edibles, are Peter Cohen, Tonya Engst, Katie Floyd, Ted Landau, Maria […]

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MacJury #1025: Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

The MacJury gets out of the jury box early for the holiday season to help you decide what to get your favorite Apple product fan…or maybe even yourself. The suggestions are as diverse as they are valuable, with a few surprises, lots of laughter, and some thoughtful recommendations along the way. The panel picking hardware, […]

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Katie Floyd, John Martellaro, Don McAllister, Terry White, Chuck Joiner

MacJury #1023: A Weekend with the New Apple TV

The newly revised Apple TV landed in consumer’s hands last week, and some of those hands belonged to members of The MacJury. After spending a weekend, or less, with the new device, the panel convenes to discuss the ease of rentals, the difficulty of purchases, and arguably the best Netflix experience yet. The surprising small […]

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Dave Hamilton, Chuck La Tournous, Don McAllister, Omaha Sternberg, Chuck Joiner

MacJury #1021: The Verdict on New iPods, New Apple TV, Video Rentals and More from Apple’s Special Event

Shortly after Steve Jobs left the stage at Apple’s Special Event, The MacJury convened to review the announcements. Starting with Apple’s decision to stream the event, and the success and implications of that stream over both Mac and iDevices, the panel review everything that was shown. The new High Dynamic Range photography option of iOS […]

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Katie Floyd, Mark Fuccio, Maria Langer, Chuck Joiner

MacJury #1017: Is Hulu Plus Worth The Money?

Hulu recently announced their new monthly subscription model, Hulu Plus, that includes current TV show episodes from the major networks, HD formats and iPhone and iPad compatibility. With the many other online video content options available, is another monthly bill worth it? The MacJury examines the evidence, including comparisons to Roku,, TiVo, iTunes Store offerings […]

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