MacJury #822: Developer Reaction and Frustration Over Rejected iPhone Apps

The iPhone App Store recently rejected Podcaster, an application that lets users manage and even download podcasts over the air on their iPhones. The MacJury discusses the iPhone developer community’s alarmed response, their questioning of Apple’s rationale, and what it may mean for the future of iPhone development. Are there good reasons for Apple’s position? Is a jailbreak iPhone market in the offing? What can Apple do to resolve this issue? All these questions and more are answered by the panel of:

Dave Hamilton Paul Kafasis Dave Nanian Fraser Speirs Chuck Joiner


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Dave Hamilton

The Mac Observer

Backbeat Media

The Mac Geek Gab

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Paul Kafasis

Rogue Amoeba

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Dave Nanian

Shirt Pocket Software

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Fraser Speirs

Connected Flow

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Exposure in the iPhone App Store

Exposure Premium in the iPhone App Store

FlickrExport for iPhoto by Connected Flow

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Aperture to Final Cut Pro by Connected Flow

FlickrExport Lite for Aperture by Connected Flow

App Store: I’m Out by Fraser Speirs on his blog

I Am Rich

Null River – makers of NetShare

A Bridge Too Far by Paul Kafasis on Inside iPhone on the O’Reilly web site

Apple Rejects Podcaster for App Store, Revolt Follows by John Martellaro on the iPod Observer



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