MacVoices Briefing #1301 – Premiere Edition and PDF to Keynote

The MacVoices Briefing is the new show from MacVoices Group producer and host Chuck Joiner. In the first episode, Chuck introduces the new show, why it came to be, and what viewers and subscribers can expect to see. Then, as a sample, Chuck demonstrates PDF to Keynote, a small utility that solves the problem of moving multi-page PDFs into, you guessed it, Apple’s Keynote.


Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoicesMacVoicesTVMacNotables and The MacJury, a group of shows and web sites that make up The MacVoices Group. You can catch up with what he’s doing by following him on Twitter, friending him on Facebook, or circling him on Google+.

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phone system
phone system

Problem solved! Thanks tp MacVoices Briefing. PDF to Keynote is an awesome tool for converting PDF to Apple Keynote format. I'm glad it's free!

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